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How much does it cost to have an audit done?

Discovery Energy can perform an audit of your company with no upfront cost to you. Our track record of finding savings for our clients allows us to do most audits at no charge, contingent on finding savings. When money is saved or recovered, we share the success with you!

How long does the audit process take?

The audit process generally takes 7-10 business days. The involvement of the client is limited to providing documentation at the beginning of the process, and then meeting to discuss the audit findings at the end of the process.

Why have an ongoing relationship with Discovery Energy?

Utility and service providers use computerized systems to create their billing, so finding discrepancies in energy bills or other services is not generally an issue of “wrong addition and subtraction”. Success in auditing comes primarily from intimate understanding of industry and practices. Discovery Energy will correct past errors and monitor future invoices.

How are overcharged amounts recovered, and then billed to the customer?

Discovery Energy works directly with the billing department of the utilities/service providers on your behalf to reclaim any overpayments. In cases where legal advice is required, our corporate counsel with industry experience represents the demands of our clients. Our clients are billed a portion of whatever is saved, such as refunds received or permanent reduction in billing obtained by Discovery’s efforts.

What companies can benefit from an audit? What if the landlord pays the bills?

Companies where the utility costs are a significant portion of the monthly expenses should consider a Utility Bill Audit. If a reduction in your electricity and/or natural gas bill would make a difference in your business profitability your business is a good candidate for an audit.

If the landlord pays the bills the audit can still be performed and the eligibility for refunds in case of errors is the same.

Do you have references of satisfied customers?

We have many satisfied customers! Discovery has reclaimed millions of dollars for its clients located all over the United States. Check them out at the Case Studies page.


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