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Reverse Auctions

Supplier Choices

All the top energy suppliers competing for your business. Competition and a good pricing strategy will drive pricing down and savings up.

Reverse Auction

Through our proprietary reverse auction platform, select accounts can choose to run an auction event, where they can see energy bids come in live. Auctions are just one tool available to you as a client of Discovery Energy that drives pricing down and maximizes your savings.


Data Driven Decisions

Energy Market Data

How up to speed are you on energy market prices? Our daily energy market data can shape energy pricing strategy, contract negotiation, and capacity planning.

Weather Data

How does weather affect your energy pricing? Local data and pricing implications in periodic publications made exclusively available to our agents and their clients.

Contract Automation

With energy pricing changing on a daily basis, use our contract management tool to contract pricing at an advantage, also with the ease and convenience of automation.