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Utility Audit

Since 2000, Discovery Energy Utility Audits has found that over 70% of clients have been incorrectly billed due to numerous errors in billing, monitoring, and measuring energy consumption by the utility companies.  Discovery’s job is to find the errors, reclaim those funds back from the utility companies, and implement a system to ensure proper billing for the future.  We recommend that you have an audit performed every four years to identify any changes in load, facilities, and usage.  Discovery works to make sure you only pay for the energy you use, at the lowest cost possible.

Energy Procurement

Most companies are unaware of the energy procurement tools that are available to them to help their energy pricing. Further, in multi-state operations, most companies are unaware of the differences in areas, municipal co-op utilities, large investor owned utilities, and market forces that will impact their energy costs. Frankly, most companies do not have an energy procurement strategy. Discovery Energy will help navigate the regulated and deregulated energy environments to find opportunities to cut costs through an energy procurement plan.

Renewable Energy

Discovery has consulted on many commercial solar projects and can help develop a renewable energy plan for your company. Whether your renewable goals are economically or environmentally driven, or both, Discovery has the expertise you need to compare projects, get the best ROI, and maximize the savings of your solar project. Not all solar projects will pencil out the same way. A detailed analysis should be done to know where and how to employ solar most efficiently. Storage can also be implemented to advantageously shave or shift peak demand.

Demand Response

Demand Response is implementing a plan to shift load when it is economically advantageous to do so.  Having a response plan will help you avoid unnecessary utility costs, and an advanced plan can help you realize unused incentives and opportunities within your utilities rate structures.  Discovery can develop a plan contoured to your specific company operations and needs.  You don’t need to curtail power in the middle of a manufacturing run, for example, to take advantage of demand response.  You simple need a consultant with expertise to help guide the process.

Aggregate Billing Services

Did you know that Aggregate Billing Services can be implemented at roughly the same cost of paying your utility bills currently – only now they will be audited and verified by an energy expert before each pay?  With these services, you will have access to centralized reporting of your utility data across multiple locations, areas, and utilities for analysis.  Discovery can API directly to your utilities for the data, dispute any audit findings, pay the bills, and give you reports to your data more efficiently than most companies can simply employ people to pay the bills.  It’s nice to have an expert in your corner.

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