discovery Energy Audits

Utility Audits

Since 2000, Discovery Energy Utility Audits has found that over 70% of clients have been incorrectly billed due to numerous errors in billing, monitoring, and measuring energy consumption by the utility companies.  Discovery’s job is to find the errors, reclaim those funds back from the utility companies, and implement a system to ensure proper billing for the future.

The Utility Audit includes the following utilities:

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water
  • Wastewater

Property Tax Audits

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more is paid in Property Taxes, than in Income Tax and Sales Tax combined. And yet, Property Tax is one of those taxes that we accept as being unmovable and rigid. There is more opportunity for savings with a professional Real and Personal Property Tax study than you know.  A Discovery Property Tax Audit will evaluate your Real Property Assessment and Personal Property Tax line items from the basis of our three pillars of study and savings:

  1. Verification
  2. Classification
  3. Valuation

Cost Segregation Audits

Cost Segregation, or Cost Seg, is a tool the IRS has given businesses to increase upfront depreciation and encourage investment. The study is done by a Discovery Cost Segregation specialist, who identifies the different costs of your facilities that can be depreciated sooner because of its specialized nature.  Having a cost segregation study done allows for significant upfront tax deductions to be taken.