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Track record of discovering savings 70% of audits

You may be asking, “Why are there errors or overcharges on my bills?”
These events can happen for a variety of reasons. Here are a few:


The energy account wasn’t set up with enough detail in the first place

Most of the time, someone calls up and says, “we just moved into a new facility, we need the utility account switched over to our name on xxx date.” The utility responds with, “ok, sign here.”
If no one took the time to determine these items when the account was set up, there could be issues with your billing, such as (a) When are you using energy? (b) How are you using energy?
(c) For what purpose are you using the energy? (d) What is your demand profile?

Change is the only constant in life AND business

Many types of operational changes can affect your energy usage profile, such as (a) growing energy needs; (b) change of facility; (c) addition/Subtraction of facilities; (d) change in purpose of space (office to warehouse, industrial, etc.); (e) renewable energy production, LED light or other efficiency installations.

Changes in Regulation

Utility regulation can change multiple times a year! Most businesses don’t know any of it, and it continues to change. Additionally, State regulation and energy pricing are constantly changing.

The most important one - The habit of just paying the utility bill without paying much attention!

That is where we come in.

You wouldn’t undertake the comprehension of the IRS code by yourself - you probably have trusted advisors who specialize in understanding what applies to you, and how you can use it to pay the least amount possible in taxes.


We are the Utility Experts.

We specialize in understanding what regulation, rules and cost components apply to everyday businesses, and implement strategies to pay the least amount possible for the energy that is used. Backed by 20 years of proven results.

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