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1. Data Gathering

Understanding facilities, accounts, and energy needs are the best way to start to determine the scope of the utility audit. Each State, Municipality, or Utility will have various legislation we will need to organize. The goal is to gather and organize any inconsistencies or red flag into opportunities.

2. Audit

Every opportunity is reviewed and confirmed by our team of experts to validate into audit findings. A thorough review can go back 36 months and our team can go back 48 months in some jurisdictions.

3. Presentation of Findings

Upon confirmation of the findings, a presentation of savings will be made to the Client. Approval of all actions and steps for implementation will be reviewed and signed off.

4. Implementation

Audit findings will be implemented and savings will be realized. This process can take as little as 30 days, or months, depending on the scope of the audit findings.

5. Billing

Only once savings is realized, a detailed breakdown of the savings analysis, along with an invoice for the service, will be sent.