Discovery Energy Utility Audits can successfully guide your company through the steps of an audit due to its proven system that values time limitations of managers and attains all necessary items with minimal disruption to your company’s daily activities.

Our audit process consists of 3 steps:

1. Data Gathering

The initial step of the process includes gathering the bills for all accounts to be audited, completion of a company profile and questionnaire and execution of the services agreement and authorization letter.  Where some companies require you to gather 12, 24, or even 36 months of bills, Discovery only needs one bill for each account.  We will then work with the utility provider to obtain a thorough bill history.

Discovery Energy Audits

2. Audit

Discovery Energy’s auditors review all bills received and compare the current pricing structure against our database on criteria such as company size, peak usage, industry and other pertinent parameters. All charges are also reviewed for metering errors, overcharges, duplicate charges and billing errors.

Discovery Energy Audits

3. Implementation

After potential savings are identified in the audit, all of the necessary paperwork will be processed by Discovery Energy’s staff in order to reclaim overcharges and adjust billing rates going forward. Additionally, as we review the findings of the audit, education will be provided to our client in order to empower the staff identify and remedy discrepancies in billing in the future.

Discovery Energy Audits

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